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The Power of Getting Social.

Connecting with your customers in a meaningful way, with content they’ll adore.

Create and share stories.

Schedule content, to save time and effort.

Build buyer personas that help forge meaningful connections.


My name is Jena Smith 😀I'm a Marketing Manager.📢📈I enjoy Photography 📸 🏞Travel is my passion ✈️ 🌍

I enjoy photography
I shop locally sourced products
Travel is my passion!

Social Media that drives results.

First, we’ll dive into your existing social media channels to identify what’s working and areas for improvement. This includes analyzing channel-specific performance related to growth and engagement, understanding who your current social media audiences are and how they are engaging, analyzing which content is resonating most, and how your organization’s social channels compare with competitors and industry benchmarks.

This process includes talking with key stakeholders at your organization to better understand your priorities and goals.

Develop a social media measurement strategy for your organization, which identifies key performance indicators needed to measure success across your channels.

Using this as our foundation, we’ll develop and execute an ongoing performance dashboard to monitor performance, identify key trends, and recommend areas for growth and optimization.

Research and identify key influencers who can help advance your organization’s mission, and develop an ongoing, targeted social outreach strategy to engage with them, with a focus on building relationships and expanding reach.

Plan and build social advertising campaigns to help drive even more growth and engagement, and drive conversions. Activities include media planning (budget breakdown by channel and audience), asset development, ad launch + optimization, and reporting + analysis.